It happened…

That day it stopped.

One very bad day it was.

My heart stopped beating for that one person.

I’m filled with nothing.

I have no more emotions or feelings to give away.

It’s easy to fake being happy, when you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Each day it eases but I know it’s there.

That coldness that creeps through me, never leaving my poor soul alone.

It distorts my brain, making me wish for something better.

Why is living so hard? Why did other’s make it this way?

He is out of my life, which is for the best.

I missed him for a bit.

Like a day.

But then my wall went back up, and now I don’t have anything for him.

Some say it’s sad, but really this is what I need.

He’s destroyed yet helped me.

It’s strange and beautiful, surprisingly interesting.

And all that took was one night. A few words said. That’s all.

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