Just Him

It’s something about his smile, and how it swims and spirals in his eyes. No matter if it’s a cheeky grin, or a genuine happy smile, I always see one when he looks at me. He’s not subtle about it, never tries to hide it. But I love that smile of his.

Crinkles beside those beautiful eyes, the sparkle they show. Oh how that can be infectious. The butterflies always come back to me when those eyes find mine, causing me to smile back without noticing my own actions. I still don’t understand how only a few people have seen these small moments, well they’re not that small.

Those perfect blue eyes that look so dreamy when the light hits just right. How the color is just like a clear summers day. They send me in circles, giddy. They can set me ablaze, glowing. It’s unbelievable how only he can effect me so much, turn me into something I never thought could be. Fairy tales and fiction, but this is real. I guess it always has been, if I were to be completely honest.

I have a need for people to know my feelings. To put my thoughts into words. Learn to express myself, define my life. To speak through my heart when it gets too much. Just telling myself everyday all those small things that make me go insane, losing myself by thinking of him.

The world spins just for us, revolving around our every breath. I feel the weight of the world on me. In a good way though, not that I can understand that. His smile and his eyes feel like they can see right through me, to see me for who I am and who I truly am.

His presence gives me motivation to better myself, to go further. His attention makes me want to try harder, make myself nicer, more pleasant to be with. His laugh can make me laugh, no matter what has happened. I live my days to heard that laugh, to see that smile, look into those gorgeous eyes.

Just him, can make me like this, can make me feel like this, act like this, be like this. Just him.

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