Frequently Asked Questions about the ‘Commons’ and Babafa

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-Decentralised Autonomous Co-Operative’s (DAC) and The Rise Of The New ‘Commons’

-Protecting Ourselves… From Ourselves.


-Babafa LitePaper


Q. Lol Wut?

A. This is a new concept.

It will work however, and it can pave the way for something much bigger. This is a thought experiment. It is about proving that we are thinking about ‘new’ organisations with the wrong lens. We can create new ‘Commons’ now.

Q. Is this technically possible?

A. Yes. It can (and hopefully will) be built.

Q. Can this be used for anything outside of gaming/gambling?

A. Yes, absolutely. The options are limitless. It is likely that these types of systems could be built around anything.

For example, imagine a ‘Common’ that took your health data from a wearable, offered you life insurance based on that, manufactured drugs…

Introducing a decentralised autonomous gaming co-operative.

This paper describes the framework for the mechanics of the first Decentralised Autonomous Gaming Co-Operative (“Gaming Co-Op” or “Common”), an automated gaming organization designed to use incentive chains to grow autonomously and build long-term value for all participants.

Babafa LitePaper

We call it “Babafa,” a play off the three 8’s Casino Game. The design of Babafa is inspired by The DAO, FOMO3D, growth incentive chains, Harberger Tax and Decentralised Autonomous Co-Operative’s (“DACs”).

Shared Commons within a DAO

Babafa operates and grows without any intervention as a DAO. The DAO is intertwined with incentive loops to make the player a user, worker, member, and even stakeholder…

Thought Experiments on how the Crypto Commons will evolve into the First ‘Friendly AI’s’.

I’ve been thinking about our transition towards new forms of governance and what this means.

There has been no great human transformation without massive amounts of upheaval and usually equal amounts of warfare and death.

Let's be honest, we just aren't very good at being peaceful, especially when it comes to disagreements over books written >2k years ago, or over anything to do with resources or land. 😐🤷‍.

Unfortunately, we are stupid monkeys.


The creation of the first Decentralised Autonomous Co-Operative’s (DAC) will evolve into our first interactions with ‘Friendly AI’s’ (as defined by machine ethics theorists).

These will…

Capitalism is dying. And, by Capitalism I mean a group of legal entities whose goal it is to compete for resources and ‘maximise profit’ for it’s shareholders.

Capitalism is dying because the new digital ‘commons’ are now coming alive. Resource scarcity is a myth in the Information Age. We have digital abundance and abundance creates shared commons.

To say it has become an obsession of mine is an understatement.


The creation of the first Decentralised Autonomous Co-Operative’s (DAC) will start from nothing. A seed.

They will have incentivised decentralisation built in, and they will control new digital ‘commons’, coded…

You can read more about us here and here. I don’t want to digress into the nitty gritty of our business. Suffice to say, things are going well.

On to the learnings.

Myanmar National Flag

Lesson 1. Know your partner. Trust your partner. Understand the culture.

You have got rocks in your head if you think you are going to go into Myanmar and start a business without having a local partner which owns a significant chunk of your business.

Whilst it is perfectly legal for you to try to do this, it wont work.

Myanmar was effectively locked out of all international commerce for 50 years and has developed its own nuances and…

Something has been bugging me about Singapore for some time.

Contrary to the belief of many, Singapore isn't the next Silicon Valley. Its the next Delaware.

18 months ago I believed that Singapore could be the most important place in technology in the coming twenty years, and was fairly confident that it would also be the Silicon Valley of Asia.

Fast forward 18 months and Im now confident that Singapore is neither.

Singapore is to Asia what Delaware is to the United States. Nothing more, nothing less.

To elaborate, according to wikipedia Delaware has a population of <1m people and…

Its become clear to me over the past few months that we are shifting toward human tracking in the workplace.

Whilst this might be absolutely terrifying for many, there is also a certain inevitability to it for certain industries, mining as an example.

Check out This business has figured out what I guess was already known, which is that sleep impacts performance.. (no brainer there).. …

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