A Beginner’s Guide to a Tanzanian Safari

Ever wanted to go on an African Safari? It’s more affordable than you might expect!

Tarangire National Park is world-renowned for its African Elephant population

Is an African Safari near the top of your bucket list?

Why Tanzania? 🇹🇿

When to go?

June & July have the coolest temperatures
The Great Migration

Getting to Tanzania ✈️

How much does a Safari cost? 💵

Our Safari cost $199/day. This included:

A Safari can be very affordable if you are willing to camp!

We had to pay our balance entirely in cash!

$400,000 stacks of Tanzanian Shillings

On Safari: What to expect 🐘🦒🦏 🦁

What is a typical Safari day like?

Safari tent, modified Land Cruiser, camp breakfast

Which Parks should I visit?

The Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit

With multiple parks to visit, plan to spend at least 5 days on Safari. The Serengeti is an absolute must!

Which animals will you see? 📸

Lioness at Dawn
A collection of the photos I took on safari

The Bare Necessities

Camp in Northern Serengeti

About Vaccines 💉

Yellow Fever vaccine: required for Kenya, but not for Tanzania

Malaria risk is very low, especially during the dry season

Post-Safari 🇹🇿

Zanzibar known for its clear blue waters (Google Images)
Stone Town, Spice Tour, & Mnemba Atoll

Parting Thoughts

Our incredible group!

Thanks for reading, hope you learned a useful thing or two!

iOS Developer, Photographer, Basketball Nerd

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