If You Don’t At Least Try Your Local School, You May Be Part Of The Problem
Josh Michtom

Thank you. I get annoyed when I hear parents around me fret over sending their kids to public school, as if they were sending their kids to the guillotine. I actually take it as an insult, as I attended public school and — gasp! — survived.

Granted, sometimes I make fun of my public school system, like the fact that the cafeteria was more like an MMA ring than a place to eat lunch and that the PE teacher played old Richard Simmons videos. But my teachers were incredible. During college and grad school, I had a side gig helping high school students with their college entrance essays, and I can tell you that public school can be an advantage. You have far more to talk about than a private school student who has had the exact same experience as all the other private school kids.

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