Overcoming Limits
Overcoming Limits

Overcoming limits is what humans throughout time has strived to achieve, we constantly push ourselves to build bigger, climb higher, swim deeper, run farther; and love more fierce. From savage individuals picking berries, running from predators; we have built empires, sophisticated languages, moral and social codes. According to Plato, that without society we are either beasts or Gods. I believe the only limitations we face are those that we impose on ourselves.

Inner State of Mind — My flaws

When I was 5 years old, I left the Philippines and lived in Cambodia for 12 years; being surrounded by buddhists I have learnt from an early age to accept mediation as a part of life and I can’t go a week without finding time for myself and to reflect. When I left Cambodia at the age of 18, my family transferred to Kenya where I continued this practice and taught its discipline to some of my friends and its definately one of the most fulfilling practice I have learnt in my life.

This picture portrays two things it portrays my struggle to stay sane, to function in a society that drains me at the end of every single day; this portrays a man who is trying to get away from reality and the flaws of man and pain of the physical world brings.

Humans as Flawed

In this picture, there is a beautiful girl who thinks my eyes are beautiful just the way they are when millions of people in the world frown upon having small “Chinese” shaped eyes. Everyone is flawed, but someone will love you for them anyway.
TO this lovely lady, Thank you ❤~

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