All That Isotope Jazz (A Word Puzzle Story)

“This is baloney!” Karl thought, as he bit his lip at the bus stop.

What kind of maniac would send him across town on an arid day in a tramcar to deliver a radioactive isotope to Agent Lou? This was totally taboo! The FDA would cite him. He’d lose his security clearance. Any semblance of his respectable career would be strewn like dead oats for the mindless kin in his field to feast upon.

He couldn’t let too much time elapse or else he’d not only endanger himself but the entire metro area. He’d always hoped Project Oleander would be his life’s opus, but when he factored in Abe Bird, he realized his research was only an airball. He now knew he was nothing more than Abe’s tool.

A milkish fluid began to drip from the REA Corporation can. With even less time to regroup, Karl eyed one of the company Fiats on the corner of Orly Street….