Career Advice for Hannibal Lecter…. and an Auto Repair Shop (A Word Puzzle Story)

What irks me is how some of these auto repair shops have a knack for fee add-ons. Too bad I can’t shop with Hannibal Lecter. He wouldn’t take any sass from Erich or Sid down at Nineveh Tires! He’d rope and skin them alive, then nail their carcasses to the wall and say he was inspired by Dali. I try to tell him that such actions would get him coverage on CNN and a murder trial.

He has SO much potential! He could put out feelers to Newt Gingrich to co-write a tome on Henry V. I’ve begged him to cease his wheat-from-chaff sense of justice and move to New Mexico to partner with Paco in hosting a TLC series on art, wine and culture. (No food!)

He could have Oran teach him the ABC’s of asps. Um, on second thought, let’s pooh-pooh that idea.

He almost fell for my idea to buy a PBA team. But, when he told me he wanted to recruit Smee away from Capt. Hook to be his star forward, I knew that maybe we should just get him a job as an ump.

Perhaps the WWF would be more his speed. Kane would love to echo his advice, I’m sure. Kane might even help him build up his pecs.

Maybe the greener pasture would be aboard the HMS Oro, festooning the mess hall….no kitchen privileges! That would get ugly! If only he would reach for new heights….

Oh, yeah, and back to that auto repair. I think I’m gonna need a tow.