Puzzles and Writer’s Block

Call it my general weirdness or I was just punchy one day, but as I was playing with a word puzzle, I started writing bizarre snippets with the words of the puzzle. I thought, hey, if I can’t write a story within the blank chasm before me, why not walk through it with a totally unrelated hunting party of words.

The head of my writer’s block is now mounted on the wall…until it unhinges itself and trots out the door, again.

The game I play is to use as many words as possible from the word list of a single fill-it-in puzzle. Sometimes I get something that seems like I wrote after one too many glasses of wine. Sometimes, I’m on to the beginning, middle or end of a longer story that I will keep until it’s ready to complete itself. (Any of said stories that I post on this blog will have the subtitle, “A Word Puzzle Story.”)

What do you do to combat writer’s block?