Digital Resistance

Let’s extend civil disobedience and 1st amendment rights into the digital world. Let’s create a database of ideas, utility, information, and education about how to keep the Trump administration’s normalization of far right ideals as far from normal as possible. We want to become the central online destination for people who want lawful, pragmatic and effective digital ways to protest and prevent the drum beat of racism and ignorance from ever finding its rhythm.

Our Ideas are peaceful.

Our Ideas never harm anyone physically or emotionally.

Our Ideas embrace education

Our Ideas embrace opposition to hate, ignorance, and aggression toward minorities.

Our ideas embrace opposition to corruption and autocracy.

We will work to create, curate and distribute the most effective methods of protest and disruption available to an unrepresented majority of Americans who no longer have an effective voice for tolerance, peace, equality and progressive ideas. The ambition is to create a lively database of ideas that users can implement into their online or offline lives in order to affect governmental change. We like to think of Google’s Chrome experiments as nice parallel to how the user experience might work, and we look to Reddit as a guide of how to democratize the content.

Sample Ideas>

Chrome “Alt Right” > “White supremacist” extension

An extension that changes the phrase “Alt Right” to “White Supremacist” in any online publication.

The Lobby Lobby >

An easy-to-use registry of who owns your congressman or senator the most. Top Lobbyist professional and personal contact information is displayed. Contact them about your legislative concerns (as much as possible).

Trump Tax Refund Fund

Recruitment for a mutual fund run by Berkshire Hathaway that encourages democrats to divert their Trump tax refund into a mutual fund that will be managed to help pay for the abolished social programs while providing tax rebates for charitable donation.

Hate Crimes Real time Database

A real-time hate crime map that documents all the occurrences and participants of hate crimes across the united states.

Real-time fact check

Simple google-like user interface that allows people to fact check claims by the administration against reputable watch dog groups and news sources.

Tax Loop Hole Rabbit Hole

If Trump is smart for not having to pay taxes, you can be too. Video How To’s on legally evading tax payment from top accountants.

Civics Reset

A comprehensive site experience that makes it easy to understand federal government, it’s current members and all the complicated terminology and process that comes with it.

Protest Aggregator

Up-to-date national protest dates and locations

Trump Countdown App

An application that allows users to countdown to the end of his term while also using open API information to show local organizations having protests / meetings.

Call a Representative Bot

Representatives in congress and the Senate are majorly influenced by calls to their offices both local and in DC. This Bot allows constituents to customize the message they would like their representatives to be aware of and automates calls and emails to their offices twice daily reminding them of their obligations to uphold the will of the people.

Adopt a Bigot Bot

Adopt a bigot in the house of representatives and send him words of encouragement, every day.

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