What I’d like to see in 2016

Is it really a surprise that immigration has become the hot button issue in the 2016 election? Moreover, is it really a surprise NO ONE seems interested in an intellectual take on the issue without going tribal? Its gonna be huge…! Mexico will pay for it. That is xenophobic/bigoted/racist/American/un-American. We are almost entirely a nation of immigrants. The sad truth is very few are willing to examine the opposition’s position on its best merritts. The debate devolves into demagoguery.

Historically, immigration has been somehow sheltered from taking center stage. Sure, both mainstream parties have their policy positions. Sure, congress takes up the issue and Presidents take executive action, but immigration hasn’t been the central issue in the national political discourse in a very long time. Loathe him or love him, it does seem that the Donald forced this upon the 2016 Republican primary and now the general election.

Let’s take a moment to laugh at us, the electorate, for allowing the discourse to so frequently slosh around in retorts like ‘Hillary is a crook’ or ‘Donald is a bigot.’ While character is important, and it satisfies an urge to attack the ‘enemy’, when character becomes the go to retort in a policy debate it ceases to be a policy debate. Then it seems more like a popularity contest. Now isn’t this the supreme irony of 2016 given the lack of popularity these candidates have.

My personal preference: I’d rather have a which candidate do i like more than a who do I hate the least decision, but I am most interested in a who do I agree with the most decision. My fear: we will get a their insults resonate the most decision.

So, immigration, what do I want to hear from candidates. I’d like to hear about wages, enforcement, border security, assimilation, mobility, morality, ethics, justice. I’d like to hear one side frame the opponents views in the most favorable light and make a case for why their view is better. That person is about a thousand times more likely to get my vote than anyone else. For the record, I still haven’t seen that from either of the major party candidates.

It would be nice to hear from someone else in these debates wouldn’t it.