This is a walkthrough of the tech stack that I use to gather and analyze sports. It should apply just as well to any data on the internet though. I’ve used this tech stack to publish a couple of articles, Dispelling Eagles Injury Myths and Is the NFL serious about concussions?, using data from Pro Football Reference. I’ve also published the code on my nfldata GitHub project.

Libraries and frameworks used in this stack
Libraries and frameworks used in this stack

Why should you care?

In today’s world, customers, managers, and engineers want to know that the decisions they make are based on hard data. This, in part, led to the rise of machine learning, which often involves…

The NFL has caught a lot of flak for its handling of concussions and head injuries to their players over the past few years. There were a number of players that were diagnosed with CTE posthumously, such as Junior Seau and Jovan Belcher.

They have tried to answer the public outcry with various rules changes and policies aimed at reducing the impact to the head and neck. Here is a look at the number of head or neck injuries that showed up on NFL injury reports over the past 10 years:

Coming off a miraculous 2017 title run, the 2018 Eagles have been mediocre at best. Last season, the Eagles won the Super Bowl, despite a rash of injuries, most notably to MVP candidate Carson Wentz. They were lauded for having a complete team with tremendous depth.

This season however, it seems like when the next man steps up, he soon steps down due to injury. Fans and pundits think the 2018 Eagles are a lost cause, and we should look forward to next season. I disagree. If the Eagles want to be an elite team, they have to accept the…

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