How To Get Your Ex Back Now

Start by analyzing the relationship!

It is necessary to understand what your ex reproaches you so that you can recover it. Indeed, it is essential to advance with the right arguments and for this the stages of analysis and understanding are indispensable. This is why you absolutely need to rethink your relationship, but also your way of behaving and acting with your ex companion!

A break always has a reason (or several): whether it is boredom or betrayal, a dispute or many small factors that put end to end provokes the same shock and end in a relationship. Even if in your eyes your story was perfect, that you did not encounter any problem, your ex did not think this way otherwise you would not be there.

In such a context and when one wonders how to get your ex back, one must not therefore minimize the problems encountered. On the contrary, you must show him that you understand his decision but that you will remedy it.

You must surely know what is causing your breakup. Perhaps you have broken your obligations, have erectile problems, abandoned your ex, but perhaps also that you have betrayed him, whether by deceiving him or by having lied about something? If you have not fully grasped the reasons for the separation then work in this direction will be indispensable.

One thing is certain when one wonders how to recover his ex, one must already begin by understanding why it was lost. If you are still at this stage, I advise you to follow this training to decode his ex and the break that will help you better understand the reasons why your ex wanted to leave and who will explain to you what behavior to have.

It is often after the break that we meditate on what should have been done. Sometimes you saw that your ex was moving away, but you let him do it by thinking that he would come back on his own and that everything would change as if by magic. Other times, you could tickle it for trivia just to get him to the clash.

In the same way, while the dialogue had so easily resolved your little disputes, you both preferred to push each other to the end without thinking of the consequences, that is, separation or divorce. Now the story is over, and one thing is certain: you know you could have avoided all that.