Apple is Wrong, Again

A few days ago, I was on Facebook scrolling through my pathetic feed until I saw this. I’d like you to play it once, and then dislike it.

At first, it seems reasonable. It wasn’t a bad move until the narrator stated that it was faster than most laptops. Since I already have a thing against Apple and I recently shopped laptops thus I’m aware of the market, I instantly disagreed. It’s so easy to claim such a thing considering your “computer-like” machine starts at $899 (with a tiny 12.9" display and 128GB of flash memory). The average price of Windows laptop is less than $500, I truly hope it’s faster, at least a tiny bit. I managed my feelings until it was written Better than a computer.

I’m sorry? I must have misunderstood, right? It’s so obvious all my entourage’s PC destroy your iPad Pro in terms of performance, I’d rather not get actual numbers out. My first thought was; but how does it manage high software? No, I’m not talking about Microsoft Word, I’m talking about true software. Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Ableton Live? Oh wait, you don’t offer those? Obviously, because you’re an iPad, worse than a computer. I must be some sort of unbalanced psychopath to think that, since nobody’s talking about this applesauce anywhere. At the same time, Apple always promoted themselves this way, which lead to most educational institutions thinking Apple is better thus buying a ton of their products.

I saw another different ad that same day, pretty much in the same direction as the first one. I wasn’t bothered really.. until I saw the following one. Please dislike it with every Youtube account you have.

That’s a no no ;(

Okay listen, I understand you’re terrified you got a virus on your laptop (also shout out to Medium!). It happens to everyone. You know a PC doesn’t get iPad viruses?

Exactly. I said it right. A PC doesn’t get iPad viruses.

You’d be a total idiot to think Apple is making you safe anyway. Actually, if I were to steal data, I’d target iPhones and iPads. Honestly, hacking isn’t enough my field thus I read some interesting articles and asked a programming friend to confirm. Apparently, today we’re silently stealing your data (oh wow I totally didn’t expect that!). Back in the days, personal viruses consisted in crashing servers or computers, deleting files or just simply popping ads or random windows. Today, we’re tracking your data, tracking you, and no matter the device you use, Windows, Android or even, yes, Apple, they’ll get what they want. Considering the amount of risky Facebook links I click on my iPhone, I can’t even imagine my 76 years old neighbor. When you click that link or open that email, you have no control on what is happening next (and it might shock you!). I strongly feel that marketing a product as safer is just being hypocrite, or maybe the department or marketing isn’t aware? It’s 2017 and you’ve never been safe. Buying Apple or any other brand doesn’t make you safe if you don’t know what you’re doing. I hope you enjoyed my Apple rant with a twist of internet security that you should be aware of.

I will no longer purchase any apple product. And so should you. I will also pray tonight for Microsoft to sue Apple.

Dad’s snoring, good night.


Some sources: -sorry it’s french :(

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