The Way Forward For Cruz

Thursday night’s GOP debate in Houston is the last chance for Ted Cruz to change the momentum of the primary race before Super Tuesday. If he wants to be successful there are a few things he must do.

1. Dump Trump

No more, “I like Donald” talk from Cruz. In order to defeat Trump you need to make him radioactive to break off supporters to are only growing as Trump’s front runner status continues to solidify and folks want to jump on the bandwagon. You cannot nuke Trump while talking nicely about him. The case against him is character, knowledge and commitment. If Trump has been unfaithful to his marital vows why would he be faithful to his voters, his campaign promises or the Republican Party?

2. Dismantle Trump

Every answer Cruz gets in the debate should include a challenge to Trump. Expose Trump’s lack of knowledge, coherent policy and underlying political philosophy. Use the debate rules to your advantage by mentioning Trump and getting him to mention you to dive deep into these issue conversations.

3. Ignore Rubio

Every minute Cruz spends relitigating issues with Rubio is a wasted minute. It only helps Trump. Even if Cruz could drag Rubio down a few percentage points it doesn’t make up the difference with Trump. The only way to win is to bring Trump down, nothing else matters.

4. Get A New Speech Writer

Cruz’s stump speech is fine, but when he has the focus of media attention in big moments like the post primary/caucus moments his speeches have been atrocious. They lack any semblance of a simple vision. They are laundry lists of thanks to supporters and rehashes of stump speech arguments.

5. Stop The Apology Tour

Just keep moving forward, laugh off any accusations of dishonesty and keep moving forward. Behind the scenes knock some heads together on your staff, starting at the top.

6. Get Back On Message

Ted needs to go back to MATTHEW 21:12–13. The case against DC, the case against Obama, the case against monied influence peddlers like Trump. Corruption, corruption, corruption.

Propose big reforms in addition to current proposals. Congressional term limits being the most important.

7. Positive and Negative

In ads, on the stump and in talking points for surrogates the focus must be solely on the positives of Ted and he negatives of Trump.

Trump is not going to implode, there is no sense being gentle with him to try to not piss off his hardcore cultists. You need to get the voters that naturally should gravitate to your banner back and fast before they are fully calcified in Trump’s camp.

There is still a chance for Cruz to win, but the path is narrowing quickly and Cruz’s campaign must adapt or die.

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