Analytics for your Startup / SME — Part 1

Tags: analytics, guide, SME 13th November, 2015

Moving on through our series of ‘Proven Marketing Formulas for Startups / SME’s we have landed in the world of data and again in the digital realm with Analytics. PMM Strategies has a growing list of clients that require ‘digital’ services, which is in lockstep with the rest of the planet as digital grows, and grows.

Almost every business has a website now, most likely the website is a big part of that business it might even be the entire business. For most SME’s / Startups this is the first two (basic) steps. Company set up — check. Shiny new website up and running — check.

Ok great but… how well is your website performing?

Good question. Very good question. Don’t know.

How can you improve how your business is set up online?

Better question. Don’t know.

This is where analytics can be your new best business buddy. We are still surprised when we come across clients or potential clients that don’t have access to or haven’t attached analytics to their website. If there’s no real data, then you’re assuming. What do they say about assuming? It makes an ASS of U and ME! Don’t be an ass in business.

Let’s do a quick breakdown. Websites were quickly adopted by the masses and as growth exploded they were used for everything from dating to shopping and beyond. One of digital’s biggest plusses was that it delivered data. Reams and reams of it, so much it would explode the sales of memory. As much as this is great, on the flipside there’s a problem — sifting through that raw data and delivering something actionable is a truly mammoth task.

Clever people started to decipher that the difference between good websites and bad ones was, partially, what data they had about that site, and what they did to optimise the way it worked, looked and treated the traffic being delivered. If you can read the data and change tiny little elements, you can understand your site’s traffic much, much better and ultimately your customer and their reams of data they carry about with them online.

Makes sense right? We can’t see the customers on our websites, but the website gets their data that’s better than having eyes on them as you’ll see geography, entry and exit points for the site, demographics, most popular segments, real time users and where they are clicking, sales — and so much more. Think of analytics as you eyes, ears, touch and smell — full digital senses for customers.

So what’s and SME / Startup to do?

Analytics is slightly different than most of the other chapters in our ‘Proven Marketing Formula’ series as there’s no working out what you require from analytics first — you just plain need it in your life. Don’t fret about what it can do for you, trust us when we say it can handle whatever you want, you just need it.

First up, where are you going to go for analytics? There’s a host of really good companies out there and if you can afford it, something like KISS Metrics is powerful and insightful, but, if like most SME / Startups you’re cash poor, Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that’s free and easy to set up. However you might need a web geek to help, in that it requires a small piece of code embedded on your site that should take 10 mins to do, if that… So don’t think this is something that should be charged for, as it’s basic and shouldn’t be a problem. Most out the box websites like WordPress of Shopify etc, all come with a very simple process for adding it in, so check with your website provider as they will undoubtedly have it covered.

And that’s where we would send any newbie first and foremost. If you have Google Analytics (or any other analytics) already set up — start playing about with it. If you have a site and no analytics, add Google for free and start to have a look at what the program can deliver. We’re big advocates of ‘doing’. There’s only so much you can read, but when you have a program open and in front of you, press a few of the buttons and see what things do. If you keep to the menu on the left (see above area in pink — Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversions and their drop-down menus) then you’ll start to see things that are interesting and pretty self explanatory. Just don’t mess too much in the Admin panel (top middle) Add in a little bit of Google’s fantastic learning academy and you’re on the path to analytics enlightenment. There’s even a little teachers cap on the top right that you can click and learn right there on your desktop (see below)

We’re continuing our series next week with PR, so keep it locked here on the PMM Strategies blog and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so we can let you in on all the news and info. If you have any comments, please feel free to drop them below and we’ll answer anything as best we can. Happy marketing and catch you next week!

Originally published at on November 13, 2015.

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