Bentonite: A Historical Glance

Human beings are curious by heredity. It is our instinct that we investigate our matter of interest deeply. So let’s act according to human instinct ad do research on bentonite. Bentonite is a type of rock/clay, but it is not very familiar or popular in people as its uses are very much specific. Those who are the part of the mineral industry, oil & gas, healthcare, beauty care, food and beverage, ceramics are highly familiar with this name.

When initially bentonite clay got human attention??? Nobody knows it, but it is in human use for centuries. The main reason of its fame is its amazing capacity for detoxification. In the past when chemical medications did not exist, doctors rely on natural products like minerals and herbs to cure the diseases. Their search for efficient therapy led them to a lump of clay with the name of bentonite. It is very useful and helpful to cure digestive, skin and toxicity related diseases.

Ancient civilizations used it frequently for a long time because it is economical and highly available, and also no further processing was required before use. Bentonite clay is a volcanic ash and found near volcanic mountains. Its biggest reserve found in Fort Benton USA, where many volcanic mountains exist.

Our body very frequently comes into contact with the toxic material that cause diseases and damage our health. Bentonite is capable by nature to force our body toward ejection of toxins which results in immunity increase and reduction in inflammation. Bentonite clay poses negative charge, and most of the toxins have a positive charge so when we inject bentonite clay in our body it binds with positively charged toxins and assist in its removal from the body.

It is a famous proverb that old is gold; current era depends heavily on chemical medication. Every year new research compounds are launched to improve health facility. However, the natural healer “Bentonite” keep its worth and has recently gained the status of trusted product in Europe and America against Toxicity so natural always worth more than artificial.

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