“Oh Dear God, This Tastes Amazing.”

My husband turned 35 yesterday. And while he is a very witty and kind person, he has a very close relationship with cynicism. His recent gluten intolerance discovery has only strengthened his friendship with (and reliance upon) disappointment. So when his brother walked in the house with a big bakers’ box of cupcakes, I saw the look in his eyes. You know, I want to get all excited about birthday cake, but dammit… I’m gluten intolerant and every food that has looked anything remotely close to containing wheat flour has betrayed me with a kiss. Nevertheless, he put on his polite and thankful smileandthankyou and took a little bite. Hey! Maybe the frosting is good. Then all of a sudden, “Oh dear god, this tastes amazing” and not in the ‘considering it’s gluten free’ kind of way. Tender chocolate cake filled with an oozy salted caramel, topped with a generous, beautifully piped buttercream fudge and sprinkled with sea salt- this cupcake made my slow to trust, gluten free husband remember what it was like to be a kid again. Two Girls Baking out of Anacortes Washington is a frequent flyer at the local farmer’s market and takes custom orders (WOOP WOOP). Word on the street (or around local kitchens) is that Tracey, the owner, might be starting up some gluten free baking classes in her home soon. And in case you’re wondering, she’s no one hit wonder… just ask her cinnamon rolls.

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