The cost of WRONG ATTITUDE in the OFFICE

We are surrounded by many people in the office and many of them are carrying the wrong attitude. Let’s start with those who have planted their roots in the office and are not going to leave the office at any cost. These are the ones we can say who helped the organization the most and seen the growth. Many of them are very kind and humble, let’s leave them aside. There are many who are also working with the organization from the beginning but they carry the wrong attitude.

The attitude -because he/she is the most senior member of the organization.

These people are the one of those who discriminate others. They carry the attitude of being the oldest one in the office. They are the one who thinks that in the absence of boss they can be the boss.


  • Spoils the office environment.
  • Those who are capable enough will leave the organization.
  • Employees will start making distance with him/her.
They can’t accept someone saying NO to them

One of the worst characteristics of them. If anyone in the office says NO to them their ego gets hurt. In their nightmare also they can’t handle this NO. Their behavior gets a sudden change wrt that associate who said NO. They won’t think about the situation/circumstances of an employee saying NO to them.


  • Healthy relations are going to spoil.
  • Unnecessary gossiping gets a wave.
  • Associate gets demotivated.
  • At the end, it will result in the “RESIGNATION” — because the one who is mature and doesn’t want to indulge in any disrespectful act will walk away.
They won’t tolerate a single mistake of anyone and insult them publicly.

This kind of attitude is definitely not going to work in the favor of organization. The person carrying such attitude is not aware that words can tear someone apart and will demotivate them. Reprimanding in public is not at all the acceptable. Still, in the shadow of their tiny little attitude or arrogance, they act like this.


  • Associate will start hating him/her for the inappropriate behavior
  • Publicly reprimanding — others will have a topic to discuss.
  • Publicly shouting disturbs the peace of the office premises.
  • Others won’t walk up to them.
  • Juniors will stay afraid of him/her.
  • It will encourage more politics in the office.
They seek for attention and respect from everyone.

Yes, it is true this kind of person who is having an attitude they are always in search of attention and respect. They do not walk up to someone they expect others to walk up to ’em. Whether they treat others with good respect or not but they always want others to give him full attention and respect.


  • A culture of fake respect will start.
  • The evil behind the back — the situation will arise.
  • Hatred will begin and eventually will result in the ill — intended thoughts.
But, they behave politely when it comes to taking with the boss.

Why? because in front of the boss they want to be the Superman of the office. They always want to show the fake best side of them. Showing the fake side and try to be the most trusted one of the boss.

These are the characteristics of the arrogant and egoistic person so the best way to keep yourself happy is to ignore them.