Breaking New Ground

S.A.S., Little Tokyo; L.A.

It wasn’t until the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore got cancelled on Comedy Central that I truly realized how many voices of POC were not being heard. This show was groundbreaking in many ways and became an incredible mainstream vessel for POC stories and issues that had never been broadcast that way before. I found myself angry and disheartened, especially after the Trump election results. I knew that POC voices could not be silenced, not now. That’s when POC Today came into my life. I saw so much potential to take some control back into my life as well as a vehicle for countless others to make their truths heard. Everyday there is so much to fight for and the urgency is immense as not only our rights are in jeopardy but for many of us so are our lives. So far it’s brought me much joy to see how our followers on social media have responded and how our team has grown. Our increasing personal content really showcases what we can bring as individuals besides just being a mirror to what’s already out there. I constantly surprise myself with the courage to speak up on the many issues dear to my heart only to find that my confidence has comforted others to know that they are not alone. There’s a long way to go, but I can see POC Today expanding far beyond sharing what others write, and all of us being out in the field as an independent reporting source. That is a lofty goal that takes a lot of organizing and resources, but I can see us getting there in time. Even if we don’t see 100% independence though, our work has already brought a positive influence into the vast wasteland that is the internet.


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