PODO Vision 2022

New roadmap

The PODO team sees 2022 as the first year of real-life combination of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and announces that it will redefine the roadmap of PODO in 2022.

PODO was launched on the end of December 2021 as a WBTC Reward app service and has shown remarkable growth so far. If the PODO’s roadmap and goals so far have been focused on Reward, we will look forward to 2022 with the goal of decentralizing the authority for these rewards by dividing them into everyone.

PODO will open PODO DAO in line with the new trend DAO in 2022 and use it as the first year of decentralization of the PODO platform, and this new roadmap will focus on achieving these goals.

[1st quarter of 2022]
- Optimize and improve PODO services.
- Diversify PODO-enabled shopping malls.
- Open DAO and start operating the Voting System.

[2nd quarter of 2022]
- Diversify payment rewards (Proceed after governance voting such as Klay and ETH)
- PODO Chromic Extension Beta Open.
- Interworking with Metamask.

[3rd quarter of 2022]
- Expanding the BSC ecosystem.
- Binance Smart Chain Bridge is open.
- Pancake Swap Award and LP Reward Opened.

[Fourth quarter of 2022]
- PODO Chrome Extension Service Update.
- PODO app service update.




A Bitcoin Reward Platform for Loyalty and Trust

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A Bitcoin Reward Platform for Loyalty and Trust

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