Content Marketing Madness : SEO Effect.


The SEO mentality of quantity is king has dominated content marketing strategies in recent years. With so much emphasis on search engine rankings the quality of the content has diminished. Companies are producing clichéd content in hopes of site traffic. A contributing factor is the use of keywords. Keywords now lead the creative writing process. More and more content remains saturated with SEO fluff. Buzzwords should be used sparingly in a structured manner that flows so the reader does not become disengaged.

Google Factor

A great majority of marketers are oblivious to the ever changing algorithms Google uses to decipher pages. Users ask more questions from search engines instead of typing one keyword. Google is seeking results that are formulated to answer those questions. A shift in content marketing strategy is inevitable. The rules of the game are changing.


Write/create/design for humans not bots. Find a balance that incorporates video to illuminate other verticals. Every brand should focus on storytelling that connects with the buyer’s persona. Avoid creating clichéd pieces that don’t leave a lasting impression on your audience. The objective is to not become a vending machine of content. Strive to understand every like and share with data-centric analytics. Also avoid becoming data dependent. Use data to only enhance the content.

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