Earlier in Q2, we announced wPOKT, a micro-economy looking to bring our innovative tokenomics and unstoppable infrastructure to Ethereum DeFi projects and Dapps.

Since then we have kept our head down and worked hard, posting regular updates to our community through our newsletter and Twitter. In these weeks, we have also seen incredible excitement and received valuable community feedback, which has helped to shape wPOKT’s trajectory.

At this time, the wPOKT farming app has been built by Raid Guild and is ready to go ✅

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides a privacy middleware layer for dApps across multiple blockchains. While the microtransactions of today’s Internet may be a bane, the privacy of tomorrow’s applications will turn that on its head.

With Pocket also looking to solve crucial issues hampering the adoption of Web3, it comes as no surprise that the two projects have joined forces to empower dApps to build in alignment with the decentralized economy.

The world we’re leaving behind

As DeFi grows at rates that seem parabolic, issues such as front-running in the form of Miner Extractable Value (MEV)

Dubbed as the “ultimate gaming platform around NFTs and DeFi” Seascape Network is a project we are really proud to partner with. Not only will the Seascape Network now be powered by our unstoppable blockchain infrastructure, but they are also part of our initial list of wPOKT launch partners.

This means that when you stake wPOKT in our data farming program, you are subsidizing relays for not only Seascape, but providing blockchain network bandwidth for all of our partners within the “Genesis Farm”.

To read the latest news about wPOKT, start reading here.

DeFi Isn’t Just Dollars And Cents, It’s Pixels and Bits Too

When people think of Defi not many…

Recently, Pocket Network crossed the 1 billion relay milestone.

We didn’t get here alone and owe it all to our growing list of trusted infrastructure providers and individual node runners

Decentralized providers are important, allowing networks to sustain high levels of uptime and redundancy even if one or multiple nodes go offline due to something like power outages to things as extreme as political censorship.


In any blockchain protocol, a solid foundation of enterprise-grade node infrastructure providers ensures a healthy baseline of quality service.

It’s crucial for applications using Pocket Network as a decentralized network provider to know they’ll be…

Pocket Network is proud to announce a new partnership with Centaur for their upcoming Hadar Wallet release and our wPOKT data farming program launch.

Hadar, also known as Beta-Centauri, is one of the brightest stars in the Centaurus constellation. Following this, the Hadar wallet will be a flagship product for Centaur and allow users to handle multiple addresses and multiple assets (and networks) through one intuitive mobile app.

Pocket Network Provides A Steady Bedrock for Hadar Wallet

Our distributed network of infra providers and independent node operators will provide unified blockchain data support for the Hadar Wallet on the Ethereum network, ensuring its users never have to worry about…

Pocket Network launched its mainnet protocol on July 28th.

We just broke a billion relays through the network!

This is still quite small in comparison to the total available market of applications and the network’s capacity to handle billions daily. But we’ve been on a roll lately.

1B relays translates into multiple millions of POKT generated as network revenue earned by node runners, block producers, and the Pocket DAO. Full-node incentives are working today:


Pocket Network is a developer-driven protocol. In the last few months, Pocket Network has demonstrated its value propositions across multiple blockchains with several application use…

Decentralized Node Infrastructure is now available for those who use this library.

EthersJS, one of the most popular Ethereum Javascript SDKs, and complete libraries for interacting with Ethereum mainnet has now added Pocket Network’s APIs to their default providers API key section.

This means that many of the Ethereum dapps using EthersJS can interface with the Ethereum network through Pocket’s decentralized infrastructure, mitigating the risk of trusting centralized infras. DApp developers are increasingly worried about relying on centralized services for their infrastructure, especially after Infura went down on November 11th. Pocket can now provide EthersJS users with infrastructure that is decentralized, more reliable, and cost-effective. …

Pocket Network’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) launch roadmap is well underway, so we thought it would be helpful to recap what has happened so far and what you can expect moving forward.


Earlier this month, the Pocket DAO was seeded with its initial voter set, consisting of trusted partners who have worked closely with us prior to launch:

  • Skillz
  • MetaCartel Ventures
  • Blockwall
  • Saturn Network
  • Pocket Network, Inc (PNI)

These founding Voters then unanimously approved the Constitution, a legal framework that was carefully constructed by our Governance Lead, Jack Laing, based largely on the foundational work of Gabe Shapiro’s DAO…

We’re proud to introduce the Pocket Infrastructure Bootstrap Program. Though this limited-time promotion, we are offering professional infrastructure providers an interest-free loan of Pocket Network’s native cryptocurrency, POKT, to encourage early participation in the protocol. Pocket Network, Inc. will lend providers enough POKT to run up to 10 Pocket nodes.

This is an opportunity for node runners to provide the base layer of infrastructure for the majority of the Pocket Network, while also increasing the node count of other layer-one blockchains, starting with Ethereum. This base layer of infrastructure will ensure that the quality of service is the best in…

The Pocket Block Explorer (codenamed Leif) is a native block explorer for the Pocket Network!

From the Pocket Block Explorer, users will be able to check:

  • The total number of staked nodes and staked applications
  • The total amount of POKT staked in the protocol.
  • Info from the latest block such as Block #, Block Hash, Timestamp, and Network.
  • Additional information like Chain ID, Consensus Hash, Transaction (TX) Number, and Total TXs.

Pocket Network

Pocket Network is a decentralized infrastructure layer for developers to build peer to peer applications.

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