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My name is Daniel Wagner.

I’m here because I want to help new and transitioning parents to overcome the challenges with changing the Authoritarian Parenting mindset into a Peaceful Parenting or Positive Parenting mindset.

I know what it’s like to have been raised by parents who used coercion and violence and other forms of behavior modification to get their children to ‘follow the rules.’ Parents who were stuck in the old methods of parenting and were not interested in changing, or were unaware of the need to do so.

That’s why I’m here to help you:

  • Find a group of supportive people who are undergoing the same challenges
  • Learn actionable steps you can take to smooth the transition
  • Learn from my mistakes so that you can create a more peaceful environment for your children
  • Understand the future investment you will be making in your children’s lives, your family tree, and ultimately for society overall
  • Find other Parenting tips to help you generate ideas

It wasn’t long ago that I was caught in a struggle between right and wrong, trying to figure out the best way to raise my children to give them the best possible chance of success. I was convinced that spanking and other forms of coercive parenting skills were the best way, simply because “that’s how I was raised and I turned out just fine, right?”


I realize my parents meant well, and did the best they could with the information they received from their own friends and family. But I didn’t turn out the best I could have been. I still have trouble with authority. If I have a small issue with my boss at work, it takes me weeks to build up the courage to initiate the confrontation. And even when I do, my body goes through physical reactions. My hands sweat and shake, my breath is shallow, and my thoughts get all jumbled and incoherent. My other relationships are shallow and my ability to be purely honest with others has been greatly hindered. I didn’t want my kids to go through these same challenges, especially if I had the power to change it.

That’s when I discovered a simple methodology to simply treat my kids the way I treat everyone else in my life; to parallel the way I already treated others in every human interaction I had

That’s when I discovered a simple methodology to simply treat my kids the way I treat everyone else in my life; to parallel the way I already treated others in every human interaction I had — toward my friends, coworkers, other people’s children, and even perfect strangers. Philosopher Stephan Molyneux of FreedomainRadio.com laid out for me a simple, straightforward, and logical argument against traditional parenting styles that really resonated with me; a methodology in line with the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) and Universally Preferable Behavior (UPB). Now I feel like a recovering dictator as I work through these new challenges.

It hasn’t always been easy, and I am still struggling with the transition. I have run into problems such as my struggle with shedding the old parenting skills and mindsets in favor of the new, getting on the same page as my spouse, convincing family members who don’t understand that Peaceful Parenting is right for us.

Now I am implementing these principles in all areas of my life (not just in parenting), and by using some simple guidelines to rationalize my decisions, the relationship with my children is getting better and the bond is getting stronger. I am doing more with my kids, and am focusing on providing learning opportunities for them. I am challenging them to think for themselves and to negotiate with one another rather than me having to step in every time there is a disagreement.

I have managed to find a few people in my life who are on the same page, and it is so wonderful to bounce ideas off of them and to get feedback for different strategies I am thinking about. The results of exchanging parenting tips have been ten-fold what I would have ever expected to achieve on my own.

Now I want to help you get the same results. Head on over to my main website and grab you a free copy of my new eBook: Mindset Shift — Are you making these 10 parenting mistakes?

Daniel Wagner. – Parent of Progress

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