I could not say if it is caused or fuelled by our ever-changing environment and fast-pace lives but it is quite baffling how little persistent we have become.

We lure ourselves into thinking that we value change and that we are evolving while we are just finding an excuse to give up.. Ermm sorry, change…

I will never forget that afternoon after a challenging day, selling only few lunch boxes, I came back home earlier than usual thinking that there was not much to be getting from that day anyway. Head down, overthinking and doing the business day replay in my head, I was walking out of my residence parking lot carrying those massive delivery bags when two smiling ladies were walking my way. Whispering to each other and staring at my bags while walking towards me, it hit me.

I had two choices.

  1. Forget it. You haven’t succeeded at anything today. It’s one of those days. You are almost home. Don’t bother. Its fine. Let’s get that day over with.
  2. F..k it.. after all, what do I have to lose anyway, since I haven’t won anything today.


For once that day, I didn’t overthink it and went with my guts (Finally!!!) “Whatever you think is in those delivery bags, believe me, it is even better” did I state out loud to those ladies, with an unsuspected self confidence.

That was it.

That one statement, one sentence, one extra move, one push introduced me to a complete new world, leading to the creation of Urban Chefs KIDS. Those two ladies were part of a growing nursery in Dubai looking to offer healthy and tasteful lunch services to the children they were taking care of.


The beauty of such situation is that, this one move comes after dozens of similar and non similar type of moves that resulted in unsuccessful outcomes. But when it is THE right move at the right time, (we are only talking about one move), it overshadows the countless disappointments. Of course, the rest must follow, you have to be ready to kill it. Don’t come to me complaining that you have tried a million of one move and it never worked while actually your product or service sucks.. Sigh..