How live a life when turn 35

Surprised Birthday Cake

June is the sacred month for me. It’s the time I was reviewing my life and set new dreams and target to accomplish. Punched with several bad suprises to begin with. I started to live only for the moment and not think too much on what I have become,until june’s month starts kick in.

Being the 35th is overwhelming.It’s like in the middle of the era from adulthood to middleage. then It trigerred me to have more wishes

  1. Being able to teach again : I used to teach accounting few years back and I miss go back to my students.
  2. Being Skinny: I know I need to start cutt off rice and back to the gym
  3. Improving my skills : It could many things, writing, presenting, cooking and many more
  4. Digital mindset : Buying macbook with the latest technology is a start
  5. Wiser and Calm : Its oftenly hard to stay calm with three millenials under you. worth to try
  6. Read more books : I haven’t finished any.I need to provide time to do it
  7. Less sleep over the weekends : spent more time with friends and families to expand network and horizons
  8. Pray More to calm your mind :thanking god everyday for what i have today
  9. Find the one : hmmm…where to start?
  10. Happy Life : One day I will (everybody’s wishes)

June 2016 is a blessings. It’s the same with fasting months. This year I am able to meet high school bestie, had treat by super kind colleagues,able to spend time with my team and ex teamate and the happiest part someone out-there also missing me on my birthday.