New Partnership Announcement: PortalVerse Network and Octopus Network

PortalVerse Network is pleased to announce our decision to be an Appchain candidate and initiate a strategic partnership with Octopus Network. Octopus Network is one of the most dedicated and outstanding multichain crypto-networks in the blockchain industry. With a set common goal, PortalVerse and Octopus Network both strive to provide innovative solutions for web3 developers and users through upcoming collaborative offerings.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

PortalVerse and Octopus Network share a common vision of building an interoperable and multivariant web3 world, aka a real multichain future. In that world, both PortalVerse and Octopus Network will have opportunities to empower more developers to create rich content and attract more users to experience the immersive metaverse.

Wayne Lei said:

“The support from Octopus Network is truly beyond our expectations. The PortalVerse team has benefited tremendously from this partnership, and it marks an important step toward PortalVerse’s vision of a multi-chain metaverse future .”

Louis Liu, Founder, Octopus Network said:

“Like blockchain or any other computing system, the Metaverse faces scaling challenges. One of the biggest bottlenecks is rendering. There are already hundreds of millions of high-performance GPUs in our desktop PCs. Through PortalVerse, these valuable computing resources will be stitched together into the most powerful edge computing network, an indispensable metaverse infrastructure. Even better, it’s decentralized and owned by the vast majority of Metaverse users.”

About PortalVerse Network

PortalVerse is building a decentralized cloud gaming network. It enables everyone to enter open and immersive virtual worlds (MMOs) through the MaaS infrastructure. In other words, PortalVerse facilitates ordinary players to enter the immersive metaverse which they truly own at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. This will be achieved by establishing a community-based cloud-native protocol serving as the infrastructure of the metaverse.

Octopus Network Star Prize Winner

PortalVerse is also a recent winner of the Octopus Accelerator Star Awards!

After graduating from the six-week Octopus Network Accelerator Program Spring 2022, which was attended by 50 teams from all over the world, we are honored to be one of the five teams who were awarded the Star Prize from the Octopus Network Foundation. The Octopus Accelerator Program is a quarterly offered collection of open and composable courses and seminars available to both Substrate developers and Web3.0 teams funded by the Octopus Network Foundation.

The serial seminars with invited professional guests have provided not only a full spectrum of fundamental Web3.0 knowledge, ranging from community management to fundraising but also insightful advice for every single project.

The Octopus Network Accelerator Program essentially fosters an open and innovative space for web3.0 adventurers and entrepreneurs to share. As an energetic early-stage project, the PortalVerse team has benefited tremendously from it.

Our current Roadmap :

  • Fundraising
  • Product Development
  • Polishing Proof of Streaming(PoSr) Consensus
  • Community Building
  • Content Provider Collaboration

About Octopus Network

The Octopus Network is a NEAR-based multichain interoperable crypto-network for launching and running Web3.0 Substrate-based, EVM compatible application-specific blockchains, aka app chains. The Octopus Network, backed by top VCs including Digital Currency Group and Electric Capital, is committed to unleashing a new wave of innovation for Web3.0.

About NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol is a layer one blockchain that focuses on developer and user-friendliness. NEAR’s sharding technology is infinitely scalable with low latency, making it easy for Octopus Network to host hundreds of Appchains. NEAR Protocol is rapidly growing as one of the most prominent financial centers in the blockchain world, creating numerous Defi opportunities for Appchains.

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