Another Great Month At StakePOOL

We did it! It is all thanks to you guys, our POOL token holders. I am sure you are all well aware that payments went out on Dec 5, 2017. This months payment was about 7.2%. You might be concerned that the payment was slightly less than the 9.3% reward the previous month. The reason for this slight dip in reward is we took about 80 ETH received in November and bought 100,000 SYS for their upcoming switch to masternodes in February. At this point, the coins are just sitting idle, but we felt we had to get in early when the price was .14 — .15 USD. Our decision to buy early turned out to be a good one if you look at the current price of SYS now, it has risen to almost 3x what we paid.
 In November we also added a PIVX masternode which just started earning rewards on Dec 2. These rewards will be included in the next reward payment the first week of January 2018. We will continue adding wallets and masternodes as ICO ETH comes in.
 Regarding the ICO, we have made a chart of all our holdings and current prices. Although we aren’t planning on selling off any of the wallets, this does give a very good indication on what is backing the POOL token.
 As you can see, this gives us a token valuation of around $.49 USD, but the ICO is selling the tokens for $.21USD. At Midnight on Dec 10th, 2017 we will be switching from 2,000 POOL per ETH to 1,800 POOL per ETH. 
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