StakePOOL ICO November Update

Payments and Coin Update

Before I get to the payments, I just want to thank everyone who believed in POOL. I am happy to announce that after our first full month, we together have made it a success. Without you guys, POOL would still be an idea on a whiteboard. Not only have we made POOL a success after only one month, but we have shown the world that POS mining is very real and a viable alternative to POW mining.

At the first block on November 1, 2017, we took a snapshot of all POOL token holders and today sent out the reward payments in Ethereum. The payout came out to .000041 ETH per POOL token or around a 9% return. This figure was at the higher end of the estimated return and was helped in part over the last 2 days with the rise in Bitcoin and drop in price of ETH which allowed a increase of 1.45%. You can see the ETH payments at

Starting with the December payment, we will also post a google docs link via twitter, facebook, and our telegram channel ( so POOL token holders can review their payouts.

We currently have about 15 BTC worth of coins sitting idle and hope to get those wallets staking this month. The BOScoin and SYScoin dev teams still have yet to release their masternodes. Once these coins start working for us, the POOL token will be that much stronger and payouts even higher.

The 5% bounty tokens will last a few more days so if you still want to get more POOL tokens, they are available for you.

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, POOL is trading on EtherDelta.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting the wallet addresses for our masternodes and staking wallets for even more transparency.

Until our next update…

Team StakePOOL



Twitter: POSMiningCo