Did You Know that Restaurant Interior Colors Can Affect Your Restaurant’s Sales?

Jul 26, 2016 · 4 min read

It’s not just the aesthetics that should be considered while deciding the color and ambiance of a restaurant. Studies have shown that colors can actually impact the food choices of customers, and also affect the amount of money they spend in a restaurant. Different colors stimulate different emotions and can heavily impact feelings of hunger and thirst in customers. Thus, some specific colors are suggested for the different type of restaurant formats.

1. Light Colours: White, Beige and Light Grey

If you have a small spaced restaurant, painting your walls with any of the light colours will help you make your restaurant look big. Colours such as white and beige have also been proved to evoke a relaxed feel among customers, making them want to stay more as they feel welcomed. If you have any bright colour painted already then painting the opposite wall can be a good choice to create a relaxing effect.

Restaurants which have a high volume of customer’s every day should avoid applying light colours as with high volume customer staying time in the restaurant should be as minimum as possible.

2. Relaxing Colours: Green and Brown

Green is and always has been the colour to be associated with nature, and it creates a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. It makes the customer relax and encourages them to stay for a while. The most important aspect of painting the restaurant green is that the customers want to eat healthy and well-balanced food. Health based restaurant should apply a calm tone of green on their walls and a little hint of woody brown might help as well. Green doesn’t work in bars and pubs which need to have a dim light as the green then turns gloomy and depressing.

3. Curbing Appetite: Blue and Purple

No matter how unbelievable it may sound, the colours blue and purple have been associated with toxins and thus decrease the appetite of customers. Whether or not this statement is true, the fact is that there aren’t many naturally occurring blue or purple food items which is why they are considered to limit the appetite a person has. Blue is generally linked with relaxation. So if you own a coffee house where you want people to have a relaxing time and enjoy their beverages, blue and purple are your colours.

Cafe Coffee Day makes abundant use of the color purple and is one of the most popular coffee destinations in the country.

4. Rushing in and Out: Bright Shades of Red and Yellow

Yellow and Red are the most widely used colours in logos as they are the easiest colours to see. Both these colours elevate the heart rate and blood pressure of the customers and create an exciting emotion, which makes them eat fast and leave. Most of the fast food and QSR restaurants have either red or yellow walls or have accessories such as mugs, cups of the same colour on the table. These colours are only advisable for the places which have a high footfall and want the customers to leave fast. McDonald’s and KFC are the classic examples of fast food restaurants making use of color psychology on customers.

5. Letting them stay: Warmer Shades of Red, Orange, Brown

Dark, earthy colours when painted onto the walls in light shades and combined with a little lighting of warm colours helps the customers relax and want to stay more. Darker shades of red, maroon, warm orange, and brown tend to boost the appetite of the customers making them an appropriate colour choice for fine dining restaurants which specialise in multi-course meals.

While choosing the colour scheme for your restaurant, the most important factor is what type of restaurant you own and what type of food you serve. If you are opening a new restaurant or trying to redecorate your establishment, then painting your walls as per the restaurant type will be a good idea but if you have already painted indoors but want to change the scheme of your restaurant, using the appropriate colours in table accessories, wall hangings and lighting can be a business booster too.

Originally published at blog.posist.com on July 26, 2016.


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