Trial Balloon for a Coup?
Yonatan Zunger

I keep seeing people suggesting that there will be a fight back, that people in positions of authority will not allow a despotic regime to use the branches of government and the military in such ways.

Well, where are they? The DHS, arguably one of the most powerful branches of the US government, has already started breaking the law in support of the Fuhrer.

It really doesn’t matter if 80% of the National Guard would refuse to act in support of a criminal leadership, there’s 20% who will, and that’s more than enough.

Great to see all those “checks and balances” working as expected, isn’t it? Pass a law to stop an unconstitutional action by the government and departments just ignore it entirely.

The rest of the world is watching America become the Fourth Reich and aside from the millions of Americans out on the streets protesting against it, there doesn’t seem to be a single branch of the US government able to do anything to stop this from happening.