I keep wondering if the Trump inner circle managed to find or create blackmail offenses with key…

I really don’t think that’s required. There would need to be so much information and I don’t believe it would be possible for a man like Bannon to achieve such control. Perhaps if he had assistance from a rogue element within the US Intelligene Community, but even then I find it hard to believe there would be enough to control the entire GOP.

No, sadly I think this is just another example of the Republican party being desperate to maintain power, willing to destroy their own country to maintain it.

It’s not at all far-fetched that they would do this. Just look at despotic right-wing governments around the world and you will see that even as they’re destroying their entire country with barrel bombs, mass killings and orchestrated terrorism, all they can think about is staying in power.

These people would destroy their entire country rather than give up power.