We Can’t Rely on the Democrats to Stop Trump. We Have to Stop Him Ourselves.

Traditional pressure on politicians is a good way to achieve things, even if it’s boring and less dramatic.

Step one is for local organizations to seek out and present someone who is willing, able and competent, to become an adequate opposition. This needs to be done now, without delay.

This person needs to have the following qualifications to gain support:

  1. Not a wealthy person. Don’t be presenting a local businessman or woman with a few million in the bank and expect them to gain public support, it’s not going to happen.
  2. Someone with liberal ideals. Don’t be picking someone who rightly rallies around the cause of black Americans but then grimaces when asked about LGBT Americans. Understand that the young, the powerful, the passionate voters, will not take that sh*t. You’re either fighting for the rights of all Americans or you’re out.
  3. They need to actually be walking in that march with the people. No, getting on a stage at the end of it to preach how they’re on the side of the people after being driven there in a limo is not acceptable.
  4. Finally, this person needs to understand that they are not right or left, they are American first and will not pander to either party.

The right person exists in every city and state in the US, the only hard part is finding them and convincing them to serve their society.

Trust me on this, if you can find these people to go up against the ignorant Republicans and the failing Democrats in these states, they will win.

Even if they don’t win, it’s enough to scare those who are in that position into serving all of their population.

The leaked audio of the senior GOP meeting proves that they know they are on a losing side, they haven’t won the popular vote since 1983 (I believe). They are scared, and they know that Trump is likely to end their political party once and for all.

Put the competition in place as soon as possible and you’ll be helping that to happen, or at the very least forcing the GOP to start to rethink their strategy.