If Trump is impeached, Pence will be President.

You’re falling into the same comparison trap the ridiculous Bernie supporters fell into.

Hillary was a better choice than Trump. Bernie supporters in their masses spat their pacifiers out and threw a tantrum, which led directly to the election of the worst POTUS in American history.

Rather than suck it up and elect Hillary, who would have been the most watched POTUS in history, they allowed a mentally unstable sociopath to take control, a man who now has a far-right government and the power to shape the Supreme Court for decades to come.

While Pence is a disgusting creature, he is not a mentally unstable one. Trump is more than willing to ignore the Constitution, ignore the law, ignore all international norms, to get his way. Pence, even though I hate him with the kind of energy needed to run a 10K, is not likely to create WW3 over a Tweet.

Yes, Pence would be bad, but even though he’s a despicable Human, he is still better than Trump.