D3f4ult: A Tale Of A Hacker Who Keeps Logs

In the light of inaccurate reports and articles about CWA being inaccessible or presented with the following message “404 Error Sorry, we can’t seem to find the page you’re looking for.”, the decision was made to write about Crackas with Attitude or CWA. So far, 4 people associated with the group were arrested, by association I refer to communications and conspiracy charges brought into court, and a 5th member that goes by the moniker Zoom has confirmed publicly that he got raided.

In 2015 and 2016, Crackas with Attitude gained access to personal online accounts of senior U.S. government officials. Andrew Otto Boggs, one of the two names available in court documents, was known online as “Incursio.” Justin Liverman was the other name, referred to as “D3f4ult”, but he was apparently or obviously not one official member.

Andrew Otto Boggs, 23 years, living in North Wilksboro, North Carolina, pleaded guilty earlier this year/2017 to unauthorized computer access and was sentenced to 2 years in prison in connection with the intrusion of Verizon and Comcast accounts, belonging to senior government officials and CIA Director John Brennan. Intrusions wrongfully described by the media as computer hacks, instead of hacking of email accounts et al.

The sentence imposed on June 30th by U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in Alexandria matched that sought by prosecutors.

Another member of the hacking group was Justin Liverman, 24 years, from Morehead City, also in North Carolina. His court documents detail carefully all of the targets suggested by him to other members of CWA, and his online accounts, (a) Twitteraccounts @_D3F4ULT, @BASHTIEN_, and
@SH1N0D4; (b) Jabber messaging account d3f4ult@jabber.lqdn.fr; and © Facebook and online accounts under the alias “Joseph Markowicz.”

The group’s leader Cracka, name unknown, is facing prosecution in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, I will dive into Justin Liverman’s court documents as it shows direct relevant information to the hacking community.

Justin Liverman handed documents, records, writings and materials of any kind in his possession to help himself in the plea deal.

The government didn’t want his assistance ¿

Hereby he gives up the right to claim that statements (made before or after the date of the plea deal), as far as I can understand, should be excluded or suppressed under the Sentencing Guidelines, any provision of the Constitution or federal law.

How the U.S. government can get away with making threats as long as it’s stated in a single paragraph that they didn’t make threats.

Don’t keep private messages or jabber logs on your computer.

You shall never use your own phone to call a government official.

Commentator, Derp