The Crime Of Journalism

This story begins at the inauguration protests on January 20th in downtown D.C., where journalists got arrested and their cameras probably got confused with baseball bats by police officers that were monitoring a planned assembly of a group of anarchists. The officers knew about the planned assembly and were monitoring at a distance, and — they were still monitoring when damage to the amount of 100.000 was done to private and public property.

Whenever there are public gatherings and protests journalists and other people get arrested. The fact that it happens a lot should not stop you from writing, because the public has to be aware of journalists getting arrested for the crime of journalism, as long as the public can understand that working as a journalist, you have to be where the action is, the crime or the elections. Journalists have to be everywhere to film and record truthful information.

The power of observation of police officers in general has never ceased to amaze me, as they are able to infiltrate anarchists groups, monitor their activities online in order to collect the information of the D.C. assembly, they seemed to yet fail in noticing that journalists have to be everywhere to do their work. I imagine of course that journalists being in the wrong place at the wrong time, was the reason that got 7 of them arrested.

Yeah folks in blue caps, get used to it, journalists have to be everywhere or either they should not be journalists at all.

The information right below Aaron Cantú’s photo is available at the petition, and as you can see the group of journalists was accompanied by a documentary producer. They could be carrying heavy and expensive equipment, cases, bags, or as in any other situation, a few cameras, expecting to do their work as usual, following people around, trying to film the best/worse out of the inauguration protests.

Please share and sign the petition One of them is still facing charges that carry a maximum of 10 years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines, again for being at the wrong place at the wrong time doing his work.

You can see Aaron Cantú’s background on Linkedin and see his profile on the Guardian, Vice and The Intercept. He looks pretty much like a hard working person, young still, and not deserving of 10 years in prison.

New York’s new mayor is right to tax the rich to fund pre-K education:

Aaron Cantú

Props to @ScottCRodd for his public updates on Twitter, the petition and his glimmer of hope that every single one will be set free.

UPDATE: Below is the remaining journalist who faces charges of felony rioting:

  1. Aaron Cantú, independent journalist

Below are the journalists against whom the charges have been dropped:

  1. Alexander Rubinstein, reporter for RT America (
  2. John Keller, documentary producer for Story of America (
  3. Evan Engel, reporter for Vocativ (
  4. Matt Hopard, web-based video journalist (
  5. Shay Horse, independent photojournalist
  6. Alexander Stokes Contompasis, independent journalist