Coaching, Neuroscience & Coffee

a winning combination when cultivating a growth mindset at work!

At the beginning of 2016, First Choice Conference & Events, an award winning hotel booking agency & event management specialists based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, undertook a PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic with the aim of:

  1. Gaining a clear insight into how the team was performing.
  2. Know where to concentrate development efforts to significantly increase the team’s performance.

The PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic is an easy-to-use, online instrument that enables teams to assess their effectiveness in six key result areas that are common to high performing teams. This tool allows every member of the team to provide input and the results stimulate fruitful discussions that lead to positive actions aimed at accelerating team development.

It measures the way team members feel the team responds to 6 key result areas relating to:

  • the achievement of the team’s goals
  • the team’s internal and external relationships
  • the team climate
  • the team’s approach to team working.

It also measures the Organisational Culture of the organisation in which the team operates and Team Morale — a combination of the enthusiasm and persistence with which team members engage in the activities of the team.

“The Team Diagnostic tool has given us a wealth of information about what individuals think and more importantly, how they feel about strengths and areas of weakness in team performance. We also now know exactly what we need to do in order to boost team performance for 2017.”

Daniel Sweet — Operations Director, First Choice Conference & Events.

In July 2016 First Choice Conference & Events launched a brand new and exciting development initiative called “The Espresso Sessions” to ensure that key findings from the diagnostic were acknowledged and addressed. On the first Monday of each month the directors of the business lead a 30–40 minute team session designed to stimulate and boost team performance. In the time it takes to drink a nice cup of coffee the team ingest a shot of inspiration, focus and direction.

Each session begins with a review and recognition of individual and team success from the previous month. This is followed by a short inspirational video and coaching session designed to stimulate team learning and cultivate a “Growth Mindset”. The session then concludes with a motivational focus on the targets and objectives for the coming month.

A growth mindset is an important condition for change. People with fixed mindsets see their capabilities as unchangeable, natural talents that can’t be developed. Those with growth mindsets view their capabilities as a potential to be developed.

In studies, it’s proven that teams with a growth mindset are more effective in their work in several ways.

  • They are more open to feedback and criticism.
  • They are more effective in solving difficult problems by putting in more effort and by searching for more effective approaches.
  • Managers are more effective in coaching.

Teams develop a growth mindset when they:

  • Are trained in and informed about the “growth mindset”.
  • Feel they can perform and control workplace activity.
  • Have a positive attitude towards their work.
  • Know the leaders of the company support and are developing a growth mindset too.
“If your business can build a culture where a growth mindset is the normal way of thinking, there are huge benefits for individuals and the business as a whole. A growth mindset culture encourages cooperation, openness, and an emphasis on learning. The choice seems easy.”

Penny Banyard — Owner/MD, First Choice Conference & Events.

Research shows that people with a fixed mindset develop a focus on proving that they have, or lack, a particular skill or capability and stay well within that ‘comfort zone’. While people with a growth mindset develop a tendency to put effort into learning new skills and enjoy learning opportunities that improve their long-term performance.

This is a Guest post by Ian Banyard, Talent & Business Development Director at First Choice Conference & Events and a licensed PRISM Practitioner. If you are interested in finding out more about the PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic, or the implementation of The Espresso Sessions at First Choice Conference & Events, contact him via email —