#WeArePRISM Health: Programs, Research, and Innovation in Sexual Minority Health.

We are proud of the behavioral, social science, epidemiology and biomedical research that we are doing at PRISM Health. Every day, we are working to provide quality science, innovative research, and evidence-based programming so that we can better understand and improve the sexual health of minority individuals and groups — all while focusing on HIV and AIDS. We are committed to sharing more about these important topics with you. We are guilty of being too humble, our consultant told us, so we are going to do better! That’s one of the purposes of us launching this new PRISM Health blog. And we will have fun! 😃

What are we up to here at PRISM Health?

We’re conducting fascinating and innovative science-based research meant to improve the sexual health and well-being of sexual minority populations. 
Here’s what that means…

This blog will serve as a connection between PRISM’s research staff, faculty and the community. Our goal is to translate PRISM’s cutting-edge studies into actionable and meaningful intelligence for the community and by allowing ourselves to share that story more, we believe it is our obligation to provide actionable items and best practices that you can include in your everyday life to create a healthier, happier environment.

Here’s the plan for this blog.

We intend to rotate themes for discussion every month to create discussion forums with our readers and bridge gaps in knowledge of the community. Each month we’ll focus on hot and trending topics that will address the unmet needs of the community, while answering common questions and dispelling misconceptions. Our blog intends to meet the community’s needs, YOUR needs, and we hope to incorporate feedback to steer our direction wherever possible. Thanks for joining us.


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