Media coverage column cms… Social followers… #sameguy ??

Context in measurement is the key… Coverage where??

Quick one. Are you falling prey to the selling point of a ‘digital’ or social media power house that they will run campaigns (to blow your money up), and get more followers/likes across social platforms?

If you bite the bait, you must know that the co-efficient of co-relation between the followers/likes and ‘engagement’ with your brand is zilch. Yeah — ZERO.

So, look at how you could better your engagement with a focused target audience.

Now to public relations and the so much sought after media coverag — did an agency come to you are say that if you sign an annual retainer engaging their services, you can be assured of x or y column cm coverage in print, or so many minutes of TV broadcast time?

Here if you bit the bait, you just do not appreciate one important fact in your image universe — CONTEXT.

Coverage, where? and will it matter to your brand? Broadcast time, when and in which electronic media? Ho w will it add value to your overall image??

Beware of follower count in social media and col cms/air-time in PR.

Same guys??.