Facebook wants to Destroy Snapchat with Whatsapp’s Latest Update

Battle for the Users

I just got the latest update for Whatsapp, it added some new features in the Status option where you can now have a picture instead of just text. A lot of people seem to be using it, but I just Hate it.

For a long time, whatsapp has provided a quality service without anything in return (I never paid for it and later they removed the payment requirement). The app’s primary function was to replace SMS/MMS which it did successfully and provided a superior experience than what most people had ever experienced. It later added Whatsapp calls which was also a superior experience (assuming you and the other person had a good internet connection).

The reason whatsapp was so massively successful was because of its absolute simplicity, something that anyone regardless of age could use and be happy with it.

Today, with the new update, I feel they are cutting the branch they’re sitting on with the introduction of whatsapp stories (it’s not called that, but that is what it essentially does).

The primary purpose of whatsapp was never to be a social networking tool, it was always a replacement to text messages and still is for most people, and most people are perfectly content with that. Why would they dig their own grave and make these changes?

There are a few possible reasons why they could’ve done this

  1. Whatsapp has been super successful and is there in the phones of more than a billion people, especially in countries like India, whatsapp is way more popular than other social media, people don’t want to use some other forms of social media, they are content with whatsapp and go to other social media just to come back to Whatsapp. This probably led the guys at Facebook to think that if they made Whatsapp a social media platform itself, they could see better engagement and allow these billion people to get a better social media experience.
  2. Facebook is on a mission to destroy Snapchat, ever since they launched Instagram stories, it is very clear that this is their intention, if Facebook can get people to use whatsapp for most of their needs, they would not need to use Snapchat at all, and they could prevent more people from joining the Snap bandwagon. Snapchat is a CPU intensive app and because most people don’t have such high end phones, they don’t install it, but with technology becoming cheaper by the day, it won’t be long before people get their hands on better quality phones. If people get used to Whatsapp, they won’t have the need to go to Snapchat.

Although I am disappointed and think this is a horrible move, in the long run, this maybe a good move for Facebook, although Facebook has ignored a lot of people who want Whatsapp to be only for messaging by giving this update, they will lure in the hordes of youth in countries like India where people use only Whatsapp.

This is an opportunity for some app like Allo to amp up their game and get more users, people still need a place to have just conversations and someone is going to have to fill this need.