12 Amazingly Creepy Abandoned Morgues

An abandoned morgue in the United Kingdom
Death is when the monsters get you. — STEPHEN KING, Salem’s Lot

Abandoned and derelict morgues and mortuaries are always really interesting places to photograph! One of my favourite places to photograph are Hospitals and old Asylums and so I have stumbled upon a couple in the few years I have been exploring. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly makes these rooms, which were built for the purpose of carving up and storing dead bodies, so morbidly intriguing but I still get a little excited when I enter a new morgue that I haven’t seen before. I think for some people they feel a connection with the ghosts and spirits that may have once passed through here. I can’t say I personally am much of a believer in all that stuff, but I appreciate why some have a fascination with it. Perhaps for me personally it may be my interest in horror films and dark photographer that makes them all the more appealing to me but regardless they remain one of my favourite subjects to shoot. Here is a small selection of 12 different morgues I have photographed from across the UK and mainland Europe, there have been a couple more so I may do a follow-up article but for now enjoy these cutting tables and body fridges

1. The White Morgue

A near-pristine clean white porcelain morgue slab in a small white tiled wall room. The white morgue is located within an abandoned Hospital complex in Germany. Source: White Morgue

The White Morgue

2. The not so white morgue

Another clean white porcelain slab, this time a little closer to home in the United Kingdom. The not so white morgue or Maids Morgue is a small outbuilding to a larger care home / hospital building. Most of the facility is now closed along with the morgue but there are one or two buildings still open. Maids morgue is full of peeling paint on the walls and floors and the slab itself was perfect. Source: The Not So White Morgue

The not so white morgue aka The Maids Morgue
The not so white morgue aka The Maids Morgue

3. Selly Oak Hospital Morgue

3 Metal Slabs in this mortuary. Part of a former large hospital this morgue had copious amounts of fridges to accommodate well in excess of 50 bodies. The slabs themselves were in great condition and featured a measuring stick and some metal grabbers. Source: Selly Oak Hospital Morgue

Selly Oak Hospital Morgue
Selly Oak Hospital Morgue

4. Salve Mater Psychiatric Hospital Morgue

Part of a former psychiatric hospital, Sale Mater, which catered specifically for women, this metal morgue slab is situated in a small outbuilding on the site. We spent quite a while trying to track down the building among the many others on site but I’m glad we did :). There appeared to be some remains of what I believe to be fake blood on the slab and a make-shift apron made of black material. No fridges left in this one, the other small room was stripped bare, I’m unsure if it would have originally been another slab or perhaps a small chapel of rest. Source: Salve Mater Psychiatric Hospital

Salve Mater Psychiatric Hospital Morgue
Salve Mater Psychiatric Hospital Morgue

5. West Park Mortuary

Sadly no slab left at all in the old West Park mortuary, fortunately as well as the body fridges that remained, this morgue held another little surprise. Boxes of brain blocks suspended in parafin wax and hundreds of blood slide samples were scattered around the room. Unfortunately I only visited once, in the dark so had to manage during our brief visit with camera mounted flash. Pity I didn’t get chance to return and photograph them in natural light! Source: West Park Lunatic Asylum

West Park Mortuary Brain Blocks
West Park Mortuary Blood Slides

6. Rossendale Hospital Morgue

I had visited Rossendale Hospital a few times and never managed to gain access to the morgue until the demolition works began. No slab in this one sadly but it did have some cool body fridges and a body trolley complete with head blocks. This particular morgue had been the subject of a fair amount of controversy after Urbex photos were published in the local press with a negative slant. This lead to the morgue being sealed for quite some time. Source: Rossendale General Hospital

Rossendale Hospital Morgue
Rossendale Hospital Morgue

7. Severalls Insane Asylum Morgue

Only the Body fridges remain at this Insane Asylum morgue. Still a decent set to shoot, sadly no slab or other evidence of the morgue remain. Room for 9 bodies the fridges still have the original body trays. Source: Severalls Insane Asylum

Severalls Morgue

8. Kingsway Hospital Morgue

The first morgue I ever came across. I was exploring the Hospital mid-demolition when almost all the contents had been removed. By sheer chance I poked my head in a room off a corridor and saw the back of the fridges which were recessed into an adjoining room. One of the only features remaining at this hospital, the best part was the sign on the door “Bodies feet first”. Source: Kingsway Hospital

Kingsway Hospital Morgue Bodies Feet First
Kingsway Hospital Morgue

9. Mansfield General Hospital Morgue

A tricky morgue to find, we spent several hours looking for it before we finally located it just next to the kitchens of all places! Again no slab at this one but a couple of sets of fridges which were pretty cool. As with most of the morgues I have visited, this one featured large skylights which provided lots of natural light. Source: Mansfield General Hospital

Mansfield General Hospital Morgue
Mansfield General Hospital Morgue

10. Cuddles Morgue

Nicknamed cuddles morgue on account of the fact that we found the keys to this little outbuilding amount a larger set of keys which was labelled “cuddle room”! A very small building which contained a set of fridges, a body trolley and body bags :D. There was also a very small chapel of rest beside the morgue room with only room for a couple of people. Source: Cuddles Morgue

Cuddles Morgue

11. Morgue P

Part of a live Hospital complex this abandoned morgue is a small little building but it has the capacity for 56 bodies! Morgue P also has 3 metal slabs, although one appears to have lost its horizontal part. Natural decay is really taking its tolls here now and the place was much more run down than when I visited in January 2013. The building also features a small chapel of rest. Source Morgue P

Morgue P Body Fridges
Morgue P Cutting Tables
Morgue P Cutting Tables

12. CMH aka Cambridge Military Hospital Morgue

CMH was once a large Military Hospital and within the grounds is a small outbuilding which houses the morgue. The morgue itself is quite small and features a single body fridge with room for 4 bodies, a metal cutting table and a small chapel of rest with the word written on the wall “I am the resurrection and the life”. Source: CMH aka The Cambridge Military Hospital

CMH aka The Cambridge Military Hospital — Mortuary

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