Hosting a Masternode on your Smartphone

Oct 29 · 2 min read
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These days anything can be done with a smartphone. From gaming, banking, video streaming, education, navigation, communications, and so much more. But there is one thing that smartphones haven’t been able to achieve yet and that is being able to host a masternode.

Cryptocurrency has been hot topic that last couple of years. In January, 2018 the price of 1 bitcoin hit a record high of 19,891 US dollars before the crash set it. However, as technology advances more companies are starting to invest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The traditional way of “mining” or earning cryptocurrency is a hashing method called Proof of Work. While this method has proven to be safe, it also very costly and will eventually cost more to do than what the coin is worth. A new method pioneered by the cryptocurrency DASH called Proof of Stake is much more energy efficient and just as safe. This is method is what our PROT Masternode is based on. And due to its ability to be less resource intensive, PROT is setting out to eliminate the traditional PC of VPS masternode hosting and bring it to your smartphone.

When PROT’s master plan is completed, the inconvenience of applying for a masternode or staking through a PC, VPS, or any other traditional means will disappear. That is because anyone with PROT’s mobile application and 5000 PROT Coins can easily apply for and/or release a masternode, apply and/or release their staking, and be able to view their results more intuitively and accurately.

Since the PROT’s wallet is designed to minimize the use of your mobile device’s resources, when hosting a masternode on your smartphone users will not notice any significant difference with their devices performance while the application is in use.

If our mobile platform is able to replace all existing PC-based nodes and clustering is applied, the growth of masternodes will increase even further, and our PROT platform will be able to utilize the vast amounts of data-available performance and user data through the clustering network. Based on this, PROT will be able to issue sub-coins from the same network and will include additional projects such as local special currencies. These local currencies will expand the scope of the PROT platform by generating additional synergy. By cooperating and supporting the coin issuance within the platform through cooperation with existing companies, PROT will evolve into the next generation cryptocurrency hub platform.

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