We Need Crypto Exchanges Exclusively for Masternodes

Oct 23 · 3 min read
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

We want to ensure that the rewards from the masternode are close to predictions and that they are allocated without any significant difference from the average. However, the majority of masternode cryptocurrencies currently do not have accurate reward and revenue calculations.

In order to compensate for this, there are cases where block details such as block generation details are disclosed, but it is generally too difficult to do in order to become widely used. Since transactions are being performed on existing exchanges optimized for coins using the POW mining method like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are new demands and opportunities in the coin’s exact value and in the fact that it is not compatible with vision, validation and trading.

Even though there are plenty of existing multi-cryptocurrency exchanges, some people still ask why a masternode exclusive exchange is needed. The reason is that masternode cryptocurrencies have unique characteristics that distinguishes it from other existing forms of cryptocurrencies. Existing cryptocurrency exchanges only show users a cryptocurrency’s block generation history, confirmation of distribution, current status of profit rate, and overall scale, but there is some information that is unique to masternodes, like ROI and active masternodes, that needs to be referenced on top of what is already shown.

Therefore, existing cryptocurrency exchanges do not fully support these masternode cryptocurrency transactions. The process of obtaining information about these characteristics is not always straightforward. So in order to complement this, masternode exclusive exchanges will include the following key attributes:

Improved Block Explorer
The enhanced block explorer unifies the data provided by each developer, eliminating data imbalance due to a coherent interface and unmatched open range. When this data is integrated, it becomes comparable and easier to use.
Data such as basic supply amount, current block height, recent reward history, and recent transmission details can be compared with each other through a standardized framework. In addition, the coincidence time forecasting supply graph, past supply trend, you can measure the future and value of each coin by viewing the total available computing power.

Transactions with Existing Cryptocurrencies
To reduce country-specific constraints, all transactions include Bitcoin and Ethereum, not statutory currencies, in trading instruments. This will reduce the national constraints of the exchange and will provide an economically advantageous and intuitive transaction. In addition, PROT will work with Bitcoin and Ethereum in the currency of the exchange and encourage the use of PROT through an incentive system.

It will provide the latest cores built on an OS-specific basis for users who want to install them directly on the exchange and includes detailed manuals translated into national languages. It also provides the latest block data dump to reduce the delays and errors that occur during the initial block sync process. Users who want to install a proxy can install and stake the masternode on the exchange at a cost that is equivalent to the VPS cost. In this case, additional authentication will be done for security and the suspension
will be limited to a certain level.

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