Newsjacking — Indian marketers averse?

Aversion to newsjacking?

News-jacking, as an all powerful tool in the PR armor is catching up like wild fire across the world.

Yet, how much have you heard of news-jacking being put to use in India? Not much, despite the fact that its our own iconic AMUL brand, being the pioneers of news jacking!

Amul’s witty and thoughtful, and almost daily topicals are best practical examples of news-jacking. When they did it firs in the yesteryear, little would the brand custodians have imagined that what was done in a simple easy to reach way will become “news-jacking”, and pioneered by David Meerman Scott.

Also much earlier, Groupon India resorted to news-jacking, by making use of the spiraling onion prices in the country — and the marketing and public relations mileage they obtained was phenomenal. If you judge the spin-off in AVE terms, they would have garnered immense value for the paltry PR money that went into the effort.

It was a crash that Groupon would have loved for the attention, and the marketing mileage!

The most recent use of newjacking as a marketing tool was by Durex condoms, in the light of the GST regime coming to roost in India. Their advertise was the best testimony to how brave marketing can get you immense mileage, provided done in the right way.

That said, you don’t really see it being much used as a tool in this part of the world, given the size of the market, and the immense possibility of newsjacking opportunities coming through, time and again!

Why? Is it that we are too touchy about how sensibilities might get hurt in this sub-continent, or is it just Indian marketers and brands are comfortable with conventional tools?

Just google, and you shall find how every possible event from the US presidential election, to Hurricane Sandy, and more recently, the Royal baby have been news-jacked — ensuring unimaginable marketing mileage — which would cost very high in other means!

What do you think as a public relations maven?? Is it time for more and more news-jacking in the PR arsenal?