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As the first impression of your project’s website, your landing page is crucial when attracting users and supporters. Therefore it is vital to spend time planning your landing page and improving it to increase its efficacy. Here is a checklist of tips that will help you enhance your landing page:

  1. Call to Action

The goal of your landing page is to convince your audience to contribute to the purpose of your project. The best way to do this is with a call to action button. This button should be the main button of the page and must stand out. This…

The ultimate LinkedIn hack that will change your Outreach Strategy forever — (7 Steps- 10 minutes) GUARANTEED ✔️✔️✔️

The Average day for a Changemakers

One night, a few months ago, as I struggled to go to bed, I stumbled upon the ultimate secret to LinkedIn that no one ever told me. It almost seemed as LinkedIn tried to hide it.

With this secret in mind, LinkedIn has undoubtedly become the gatekeeper of most powerful outreach tool on the web.

The secret I am about to share is so powerful that it needs a disclaimer. DO NOT use this to spam anyone. I am a strong believer…

The logo of your project is a representation of your mission. It captures the essence of your project in seconds and depicts a symbol that people will remember. Sure you may chose to hire a freelance designer to help you with this, but with the following tips and our favorite (& free) logo maker, you can easily create your own unforgettable logo.

1. Your logo conveys your mission

The Free Hosting Project logo was designed in ten minutes, yet I could talk about it for hours. The spaces between each letter depict individual changemakers coming together (connected letters) to work…

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