A Minimalist’s Guide to Landing Pages ✓

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As the first impression of your project’s website, your landing page is crucial when attracting users and supporters. Therefore it is vital to spend time planning your landing page and improving it to increase its efficacy. Here is a checklist of tips that will help you enhance your landing page:

  1. Call to Action

The goal of your landing page is to convince your audience to contribute to the purpose of your project. The best way to do this is with a call to action button. This button should be the main button of the page and must stand out. This button should be the first if not the second thing (after the logo and/or tagline) that people look at. Therefore it is pertinent to highlight this button with either a contrasting color or bolder text. Depending on your project this button could be for signups, subscriptions, purchases/donations or sharing on media but remember the intent of this button should always be clear.

2. Convenience for Press

Press is an essential aspect of marketing. Being recommended or analyzed by a reputable source will not only increase the credibility of your project but it will also grow your user base. Oftenly, Journalists will use the tagline of your project or any eye catching words on the page that simplify your project’s goal to introduce their article. For example, The Modern Charity uses the tagline “ the first self sustaining charity” and HostYourVoice.org uses “an incubator for changemakers” to represent their project. Moreover, the landing page is the place to highlight metrics or experiences that catch attention -something all journalists will use. In fact, you may want to build separate landing pages with a greater focus on metrics specifically for a press release journalists.

3. Appealing Design

The design and creative of your landing page will elevate the image of your project and leave a lasting impression of the user. Though design is subjective, here are some general tips that will boost the look of your landing page:

A) Parallax Scrolling

The parallax effect is the usage of different backgrounds with varying speeds to create a perception of depth. This technique provides a modern look to a web page and is surely to impress.

B) Brand Carousel

HostYourVoice.org Brand Carousel

A brand carousel is a simple bar that shows your partners or sponsors. This will help build credibility since some may already know and trust your sponsors and therefore will likely trust you.

C) Choosing the Appropriate Images

please avoid making this gruesome mistake.

When adding images to your landing page, try to use authentic pictures that you designed or took yourself. These images are more likely to grasp the message of your project as opposed to artificially staged stock images unlike the above. Additionally, putting these images into a slideshow with captions or a well-produced video can increase the time a viewer will spend on your site, increasing the chances that one will respond to your call to action.

D) Consistent Message With Advertisement

don’t make the mistake that Theranos and countless others have made

If or when you decide to use online advertising on Google, social media sites like Facebook or even press articles, make sure your advertisement is true to your project. In other words, when the user goes to your landing page from an online advertisement link, they should receive an extension and nothing different from what the advertisement stated. Even your website title tags on a search engine should be consistent with the content/purpose of the site. Otherwise your retention rate will decrease and people will be hitting the back button before they give your project a glance.

E) Usability and Speed

The Landing Page Trifecta

The usability of your page is basically how easy it is for the user to navigate and understand the information being given to them. Testing this will help increase retention rates and mitigate frustration from the users of your website. Programs like UsabilityHub will help you identify how well a user responds to your website. Another aspect to think about is how long your landing page takes to load. If you have advanced graphics and animation, you might run the risk of crashing or slowing down on some computers. This is detrimental to your project because it decreases the amount of people who will be exposed to your site. Thus, to test the speed of your website try using Tools.pingdom.com.

F) A/B tests through Google Content Experiments

Google Analytics Content Experiments allows you to test variations of your website to see how these changes affect the behavior of your site’s visitors. In other words, each visitor may see a different website layout so that Google Content Experiments can help you optimize the best version of your website through the visitor’s navigation patterns.

Some inspiration for your landing pages




Best of luck on your landing pages!

Jane Zhang

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