PRontheGO: 7 Online Communities In Public Relations You Should Join

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise entrepreneurs of PR circles and PR online communities to join or follow. Here is their advice about Public Relations communities, how to get involved and how it’d benefit you:

1) The Daily Carnage

Loren Howard, Founder of Prime Plus Mortgages:

“If possible, get a local consultant for your PR activities in Asia.”

PRontheGO expert interview: Yuping Xu of Topic News PR

Yuping Xu is one of the founders of Topic News PR, and the agency mainly focused on press release distribution and social media in China.

Topic News PR has helped individual branding, SME and public companies gain online media exposure in Asia.

For PRontheGO, Yuping shares her insights and best PR advice for entrepreneurs who want to enter the Asian market:

What is your best PR tip for startup founders to get exposure in Asia?

How is the Asian media landscape different from other parts of the world?

“One PR trend that I’ve witnessed over the past year that excites me is the humanistic approach to campaigns and story-telling on key issues.”

PRontheGO expert interview: Brandi Sims of Brand(Inc)PR

Brandi Sims is the Founder + CEO of Brandinc PR. After working in the PR and marketing industries for the past 13 years, she decided to start her own full-service boutique public relations agency in Southwest Oklahoma. As a former military spouse and student, Brandi gained valuable insight and experience in handling public relations and marketing for businesses and brands from small to midsize to national public figures and international brands. …

PRontheGO: What Sports Can Teach Us About Public Relations

We asked our PR and growth experts: What Can Sports Teach Us About Public Relations? What are examples of PR coups in sports? How does sports management make use of PR? What kind of sports strategies are comparable to PR strategies? Here are their insights:

Overcome challenges.

Warren H. Cohn, Founder and CEO of HeraldPR:

PRontheGO: Top PR opportunities founders often miss out on

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise startups on the question: Which PR opportunities do founders often miss out on? What are low-hanging fruits to gain mentions or coverage? How can founders implement PR activities in their daily work routine? Here are their insights:

Start with smaller outlets.

Taylor Edwards, Public Relations Strategist at JobNimbus:

PRontheGO: The difference between do-follow and no-follow links

We asked our SEO, PR & growth experts to advise entrepreneurs about do-follow and no-follow links. Why are backlinks important? What is the difference between a do-follow and a no-follow link? When and how does it matter? What is the SEO and or PR value of a brand mention with a backlink? Learn here from our experts’ insights on the value of quality PR for link building — and therefore SEO success.

The importance of backlinks

Chandra Gore, Publicist & Principal Consultant of Chandra Gore Consulting:

PRontheGO expert interview: Jessica Armstrong of TeamUp

Jessica Armstrong is a PR and Marketing Professional working on the marketing team for TeamUp, the fitness management software. A California native currently living in Sevilla, Spain, Jessica has a passion for fitness and wellness, travel, and helping business owners run the best versions of their business.

For PRontheGO, Jessica shares her insights and best PR advice for entrepreneurs:

What is your best PR tip for founders in the fitness sector?

PRontheGO: How can PR improve a website’s performance?

We asked our SEO, PR & growth experts to advise entrepreneurs on the question: How can Public Relations activities improve a website’s performance? Learn here from their insights on the value of quality PR for link building — and therefore SEO success.

Tory Gray, Principal SEO Consultant of The Gray Dot Company:

By: Cristy Brusoe

Cristy Brusoe: What to Look for In a Business/Entrepreneurship Coach

I was nearly six years into my business, when I started noticing an interesting, new trend in my work. Through LinkedIn, mutual contacts, and even word-of-mouth, I had been asked several times by a variety of people, for an hour of my time, to talk through their business plans. While I had never considered myself an expert or any sort of business coach, it was after several of these meetings that I realized how beneficial these conversations were for both the business owner and myself. …

Journalists provide their best insights and tips for founders

PRontheGO: How To Pitch A Journalist

PRontheGO is an expert network providing PR tips and hacks for entrepreneurs. With a global journalist survey on the trend of DIY PR, we examined the best tips for founders and startups to get featured in the media.

We asked 337 journalists from all over the world:

Do you see an increase of founders directly reaching out to you, without the support of a PR consultant?

28% of journalists reported an increase of founders directly reaching out to them — in the so called trend of “DIY PR”.


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