Entrepreneurial success with do-it-yourself PR: Laura Morrow, founder of Simply AIP

Laura Morrow, Founder of Simply AIP

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After the birth of my second son I began to experience joint pain and other symptoms that turned out to be related to autoimmune disease. After several doctors failed to diagnose my condition or provide any relief, my chiropractor recommended that I start the AIP diet. I was blown away when my symptoms were nearly gone in less than a month, and had a huge desire to share AIP with other women who may have been experiencing similar struggles. The problem was, although I read countless stories online of women in my situation, I didn’t know a single person following AIP.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned throughout the years is that people like to do business with someone that they know, like, and trust, so I knew that I had to quickly cultivate these qualities in order to make an impact.

Here’s how — in just two months — I went from being totally unknown in the AIP world to creating a flourishing community and a five-figure launch in the first few days of business:

1) I introduced myself to the AIP community.

The first thing I did was to start being social in AIP Facebook groups — commenting on posts, offering encouragement, and answering questions. As I become more confident, I started adding my own thoughtful posts to the group. Through the groups I learned about local AIP and wellness events and attended as many as I could, including meet-up groups, potlucks, cooking classes, luncheons, and workshops; you name it, I was there. I met so many incredible women who were experiencing the same challenges that I was facing, and I was able to connect on a deeper level than online often allows. The ability to talk face-to-face with my “ideal clients” to find out both their struggles and desires was priceless. Building these relationships has been as rewarding personally as it is professionally.

2) I built my own community with the mission to serve.

During my conversations, I learned that one of the biggest challenges many women were facing was the feeling of isolation. Like me, many did not know anyone in real life who was following the same protocol, and they were longing to find others that truly understood what they were going through. I started a Facebook group with the purpose to share “hacks” that would make AIP as simple as possible, but what I created became a truly supportive community. Little things like personally welcoming all new members, commenting on as many posts as possible, and offering words of encouragement and support made the group a place of positivity, encouragement, hope, and friendship.

I also used the group to share news about the subscription box and sneak peeks of products. I offered a “Founding Members” special for group members, and stirred up anticipation with Facebook Live updates and a countdown to launch. On the official launch day there was a frenzy of excitement as people were literally waiting to push the purchase button!

3) I became the face of my brand.

One of the scariest things that I did was to share my personal story of my autoimmune struggles on Facebook Live and YouTube. I wanted to help others, but I didn’t want to make myself vulnerable by sharing my own personal details. But then I kept thinking about the people that I would reach by sharing my story. I took the focus off of me, and instead I focused on the women who needed to hear what I had to say. Who has been searching for my message? Who really needs what I am offering?

If you want to really connect with your followers, be authentic in everything that you do, and just be real. Don’t worry about being too perfect — in fact, sometimes that ends up looking fake and hollow. Don’t hide behind perfectly edited photos on Instagram. Those are great sprinkled in, but what people are really looking for is a friend, someone who is real and really gets them, and can share what has helped them along the way. Show people that you can solve their problems and ease their pain, whatever that may be.

When you make deep connections and cultivate real friendships with your followers, they will not only want to buy your products, but they will cheer you on to success as well. They will post about your brand on their own Facebook and Instagram accounts, share you and your products with their friends, and shout from the rooftops how much you have helped them.

To create this kind of connection, you have to be truly passionate about your business, and genuinely care about the people that you are trying to help. You have to be real, and be yourself — even if that is kind of awkward at times.

One of the many positive social media reviews on Simply AIP.

4) I partnered with brands and influencers that are already known, liked, and trusted.

I collaborated with some of the biggest AIP brands and influencers on social media shout outs, giveaways, unboxing videos, and product sneak peeks. To obtain product reviews, I offered to send influencers a free box with a request that if they liked it, they would mention me to their followers. I was overwhelmed by the positive outpouring of support.

Pro tip: If you find that your emails are being ignored, try sending a direct message on Instagram — it works!





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