PRontheGO expert interview with business coach Robin Waite, author of Take Your Shot

Jun 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Robin Waite, business coach, author and speaker, works with clients to set goals and achieve success through his coaching program, born out of a deep passion for personal and business development. Robin puts his experience to work for his clients.

Robin Waite is often referred to as “The Fearless Business Coach”.

Robin is the author of Take Your Shot, a must-read for any service-based freelancer who strives to transform a paid-by-the-hour hustle into a smart business.

Robin Waite, Take Your Shot

Take Your Shot is the story about Russ, a struggling golf professional whose clients weren’t showing up to lessons, and who was losing money as a result of it. Russ experiences a complete turnaround and transformation of his business when meeting his mentor David.

What does ‘Take Your Shot’ stand for?

Why is it important that founders set themselves clear goals and what are the main struggles to achieve them?

What is the ultimate way to transform from selling yourself by the hour and instead start a business?

Please explain the pro tip ‘know, like and trust’ for sales efforts.

Of what importance is a social proof for an entrepreneur?

Anything you’d like to add but we haven’t asked?


If you leave a book review of Take Your Shot and send a screenshot or link to your review to, Robin offers you a FREE 60-minute consultation to help you Take Your Shot with your own business.

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