PRontheGO expert interview with business coach Robin Waite, author of Take Your Shot

Jun 4, 2018 · 3 min read
Robin Waite is often referred to as “The Fearless Business Coach”.
Robin Waite, Take Your Shot

What does ‘Take Your Shot’ stand for?

If you keep on doing the same old thing then nothing is going to change, therefore when your opportunity comes around you’ve got to grab the opportunity and Take Your Shot before you miss it. Many people often don’t see the opportunities even when it’s right in front of themselves.

Why is it important that founders set themselves clear goals and what are the main struggles to achieve them?

Not having goals is a bit like getting into a car to drive somewhere 500 miles away, and you’ve never been there before, without punching the post code into the SatNav. Without knowing where the destination is you’ve got no real way of working out the journey to get there. So, I ensure all my clients have clearly defined goals in place so they know what activities they need to be doing to achieve that goal. And also plan for the obstacles that are likely to be in the way en route.

What is the ultimate way to transform from selling yourself by the hour and instead start a business?

Start selling OUTCOMES instead of the FEATURES of your products. Prospects aren’t interested in the features of your products, all they are interested in is, “What’s in it for me? What is this product or service going to do for me?” So sell the benefits and outcomes, and then deliver the features (and the outcome) later once you’ve sold your product or service. A guaranteed and clearly defined outcome is usually worth more than an exchange of time-for-money.

Please explain the pro tip ‘know, like and trust’ for sales efforts.

In order to sell most product you’ve got to build engagement. The typical level of engagement for higher-ticket items such as cars, $5k+ consultancy packages, or $30k garden studios (or anything of a higher value) is 7 hours of engagement. A business card, shoddy website and 5 minute chat at a networking event will build about 15 minutes of engagement. This is a long way from the 7 hours required to build trust and close a deal. Therefore, you need plenty of marketing assets to build multiple touch points. At least 11 according to Google’s whitepaper Zero Moments of Truth. Books, videos, podcasts, longer consultation periods and free trials are a great way to elicit trust from prospects.

Of what importance is a social proof for an entrepreneur?

It’s vital; 80% of traffic flows through Google My Business now before it goes to any other channel that you advertise in. And reviews in Google My Business are like currency. Think about it, which of this website design agencies would you gravitate towards, the one with no reviews and a dodgy Google Streetview image, or the one with 37 four and five star reviews and a lovely Streetview image of the inside of their studio? I know which one I’d choose. This is simple social proof.

Anything you’d like to add but we haven’t asked?

Nike plus everything! #JFDI



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